How to Find the Right Babysitter

Many parents today lead hectic lives. Having to combine work and personal life can be stressful. Parents sometimes have to rely upon help to care for their children when they are working or running errands. Finding a babysitter is often necessary to accomplish these things. If you are in the situation of needing a babysitter, use the following guidelines to search for a caregiver.

Before you start your search for a babysitter, compile a list of the qualities you want your future babysitter to have. Does your child have special needs? Do you want your babysitter to watch over your children a certain way? While it’s important to be flexible, ensure that your babysitter has the ability to suit your child’s needs. You may want your babysitter to help your child with his schoolwork or you may need a babysitter who can keep your children overnight. If your child has medical needs, you will need to make sure your babysitter can give the medicines or treatments properly. You can visit to learn more about making a list of qualifications for your future babysitter.


After you make a list of requirements for your future babysitter, gather referrals from friends and family members. When gathering these referrals, ask about the quality of care each child received. Some parents are more laid back in their parenting styles. You may be more rigid in how your child is cared for. After you get this information, narrow your list down to two candidates to further research.

After you choose two tentative babysitters, arrange for an interview with each one. Do this when it’s not your child’s nap-time or mealtime. During this interview, you will view how your child interacts with each candidate. When you first meet each candidate, don’t start the interview with probing questions. Instead, ask her if she wants refreshments. Sit down and relax before you start talking. It’s a good idea to get to know her first before you introduce her to your child. You are more likely to get honest answers if your candidate is relaxed and comfortable. After you have an informal chat with your candidate, start asking her questions about her background, experience with children, and licenses. Let each candidate meet your child. Watch how they act during this time together. Your child does not have to feel immediately comfortable with the your potential babysitter but the candidate should be able to talk to your child easily.

After your interviews, you can run a background check on each person. After you have this information, make a final decision based on your intuition and gathered facts. For more details on finding babysitters, please visit

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